Monday, 15 October 2012

Workout 5


Hi, how are you guys...

I wanna make this post short and precise. Below are the details of Workout 5# as I went to FF yesterday...

Jogging on treadmill
4.52 km
50 minutes
Speed: 5.6-5.9 km/hr
236 calories were burned

Walking on treadmill
1.59 km
25 minutes
Speed: 4.5-4.8 km/hr
79 calories were burned

Step Machine
15 minutes
74 calories were burned

6.4 km
15 minutes
68 calories were burned

Dancing ZUMBA!! hehe
45 minutes
Colories burned: can't be estimated...

Dumble weight lifting
1kg each right and left hand
Now, I feel the pain on my arm...muscle is developing (I guess)

My husband was sleeping outside while waiting for me doing workout...feel pity to look at him...Yes, my mistake I dont text him when I want him to come back to pick up me...He came early and needs to wait for me...KESIAN...dapat sebijik KISS when I was slowly aproaching him while he was sleeping kat bangku depan pintu FF tu hahaha...Tak jadi nak merajuk dengan saya. Hebatkan perempuan :)

Ok, setakat itu sahaja.

Wait, is there anyone wondering my current body weight? It's 81.5 kg...

ate' logo (jumpa lagi/see you again)

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