Friday, 12 October 2012

Workout 4 : ZUMBA DANCE!!


Hai Good morning...Today, I feel excited to write a post. As per title, I would like to share what was I done during Workout 4 (last night).

As usual, I went to FF after pick up my husband at komuter. Once arrived I went to surau to pray Magrib first then straight away to the FF. I met Nazrul, the leader of trainer and asking for personal trainer (AYU) that he promised to deal with me for BODYFIRST package. And again I got the same answer. Sucks!! Nevermind, I will wait for her call today. Hopefully she calls and I can complete the package as soon as possible. I already pay for it, pushing them is a must.

Ok, back to workout issue, firstly I was walking on treadmill to warm up, then I started jogging with average speed of 5.4km/h and the highest speed of 5.7km/h. Very slow?? May yes for you but not a person like me... I have very short legs therefore 5.6-5.7km/h just nice for to jog and stay consistent for longer of time.  I was jogging for 40 minutes, about 3.56 km and burned colories were 159...Yeaayyyy, I feel satisfied. Rasa macam tak percaya. Next time, saya berazam untuk improve lagi. Maybe, 4 -5 km..boleh, InsyaAllah. (yakah boleh??)

Next, I workout using step machine for 10 minutes, up to 20.6 level and colories burned were 49. I love this machine, I just dont know why. Maybe this machine causes me forcing myself step the staires. If I was asked to step the real stairs up to level 20, I will definitely refuse to do so hahaha. Gila ka, mau patah lutut hihihi. Rumah teman kat tingkat 8 pun tak sanggup nak naik tangga. Picit butang lift je kejenye. Oh, may be one day or tunggu lift rosak hehehe.

Ok, done 1 hour doing cardio excercises. Total calories burned were 159+49 = 208 ...still low, however I will improve myself from time to time and I'll make it consistent.

ZUMBA!!! yes I enjoy the zumba dancing very much. The isntractor was Cliff. He's a very sporting Chinese guy who loves dancing very much. A lot of songs we played and a thousand of steps to be followed. We had so much fun during the class and laughing a lot some time. Even I was new in the class, I manage to follow the steps because it were not so hard as sompared to step dance. However, I still need a lot of practices. I was dancing zumba dance for 45 minutes then I took a shower before get home.

My hubby was waiting outside FF, I'm happy to see him and can't wait to hug him tightly. He droves us back home. I am so greatful that he always supporting and encouraging me. I hope and I pray that what I am doing now giving us oppotunities to have a baby.

Ok, thats all. Stay healhty, stay happy dear readers :)

ate' logo (see you again/ jumpa lagi)

Psstt..I  have bowling tournament this afternoon. Pray for me ya!!

Step machine (Stepper)

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