Wednesday, 6 February 2013

it was negative

Assalamualaikum...good morning...

Today is CD33. Supposes AF datang on CD32 because my cycle is 31 days. AF tak datang lagi semalam. This morning pun masih belum. So, i did the upt test. The result was negative just like what you see on the picture, only 1 band appeared. Just like my expectation.

Now, i am praying so that Allah datangi I dengan AF.


  1. its ok dear...lagipun normal cycle kan...dah gi bercuti tu gih gih...hehehe

  2. ok...xpe..:)
    so...its time to make a new plan...caiyok!! :D

  3. takpe, cuba lagi kalau dalam masa 2 minggu tak datang. Yana haritu pun camni, lepas 3@4h tak period, test lagi kabur sgt

  4. try to test again in 1week atie kalau AF belum dtg. tapi kalau dah dtg, try again k ;) insyallah.

  5. thanks to all of you yg sgt2 supportive...I hope Allah gives me the best